Robert - Homeless in Deep Ellum

Words of Wisdom in the Streets of Deep Ellum

19.03.2016 - by wanderlustaddiction

This past weekend in Dallas, Texas, I met a man named Robert.

A veteran from southern Louisiana, Robert is a blues lover and is quite a character.  Having a few extra years of experience on me, he was kind enough to impart some of his hard earned wisdom… He explained that

“love perfects a man.”

Something I have now reflected on, and believe to be as true as it is simple.

After chatting a bit, I came to know Robert had spent his last 19 days living on the street.  He had not changed clothes in over a week.  He didn’t ask for money, but instead, tried to earn a bit by offering up his hard earned collectibles.   The small handful was procured on the very streets he currently made his home, and they amounted to only a beat up old pearl earring, a small kink from a silver chain, a few random watch parts, and a plastic bracelet.

I politely declined, in lieu of offering Robert his first paid modeling contract…

Another portrait I captured on IG.