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Welcome to the Bag Fuji Instax | How to double your camera collection… for only $250 US.

24.09.2015 - by wanderlustaddiction

How to double your camera collection… for only $250 US.


Today, the Fuji instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC and instax mini 8 arrived from B&H PhotoVideo.  In the spirit of getting creative with Fuji gear, I shot a few product images using the Fuji XE2 and Fujinon 56mm 1.2.  As props, I used a vintage copy of the 1899 “Unrivaled Atlas of the World” and my very first instant image.

Technique:  I shot RAW using natural light and two reflectors near a window in the dining area of my home.  Camera settings were Astia, and tweaked for each image +2 color, +2 sharpening, highlights/shadow adjustments.  I then synced to my iPhone and processed with VSCOcam with the hb2 preset set at half strength (filter strength of 6, +1 contrast, +1 fade, +2 sharpening, +3 vignette).

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